The TV Shield E-Series 36-43 Inch Outdoor TV Enclosure

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Use The TV Shield E-Series Weatherproof TV Enclosure to Turn Your Outdoor Living Area into an Outdoor Home Theater


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Any TV Can be an Outdoor TV!

Outdoor TV Cover The TV Shield E-Series - Weatherproof TV Enclosure

Quick Specs Overview:

Maximum INSIDE dimensions
Width (39.1")
Height (23.1")
Depth (4.25")

OUTSIDE dimensions
Width (44.9")
Height (27.5")
Depth (8.07")

19 LBS

*Please measure the outside dimensions of your TV or Display, or the planned TV, and compare to the inside dimensions listed on this page



Installation Instructions:

Owner's Manual: The TV Shield Installation Instructions



 Enclosure Overview 

This Weatherproof TV Enclosure Protects a 36-43" TV or Digital Display (Flatscreen Including LCD, LED, OLED, and More)

The TV Shield E-Series is a cost-efficient yet robust alternative for an outdoor home theater to an expensive outdoor TV and offers much higher protection than purchasing an outdoor TV cover made from fabric. This affordable, sturdy, and versatile outdoor electronics cabinet and protective TV enclosure provides effective rain, wind, UV, and vandal resistance, preventing TV damage and protecting any other hardware or contents it houses. Used to protect TVs, digital displays, Apple TV, Roku or other streaming video players, monitors, modems, mini pcs, cables, and more, the front panel is removable to provide access to any interior content, the TV, and a full-motion mount. The full-motion mount provides the ability to adjust for different seating areas, provides easy access to the back of the TV, and offers perfect viewing no matter how surrounding lighting conditions change.

When the TV is in use, hooks at the bottom of The TV Shield E-Series weatherproof TV enclosure hold the front panel easily so there is no need to store the front panel somewhere else. When the TV is not in use, the heavy-duty latches keep the front panel tightly in place, so the enclosure provides complete protection from outdoor elements. In addition, The TV Shield E-Series padlock holes are designed to protect the TV from theft (simply add your own preferred external locks).



  • Dust and weather protection for outdoor use

  • UV Resistance for extended outdoor use using ASA-coated polymers

  • Free-tilting & swiveling internal mount design for multiple TV viewing angles

  • Convenient hooks which hold the front panel of the enclosure when the TV is in use

  • Anti-theft locking holes for additional security preventing any unwanted removal (offers versatility - pair with your own preferred external locks)

  • A detachable design that enables convenient removal and re-installing if you wanted to store for a season or move to a new location

  • Heavy-duty latches for a secure fit of the rear housing and front panel
  • Flush mounts to wall (no need for external mount)




Compare the Outside Dimensions of Your TV or Display with Dimensions Below:

Unit Protects 36-43" TV 

Maximum INSIDE dimensions Width (39.1") Height (23.1") Depth (4.25")

OUTSIDE dimensions Width (44.9") Height (27.5") Depth (8.07")


*Please measure the outside dimensions of your TV, or the planned TV, and compare to the inside dimensions listed on this page.


  • ABS plastic front shield and housing feature ASA coating for long-term and effective strength and UV resistance

  • Front cover lifts off easily for an unobstructed direct view of your screen (cover can be conveniently stored on the hooks at the bottom of the enclosure)
  • Openings for cords and wiring include self-sealing grommets that prevent water intrusion
  • Two anti-tamper holes are designed to protect the TV from theft or tampering (offers versatility - pair with your preferred external locks)
  • Extra defense drip edges direct water away from enclosure


Material: ABS+ASA, Steel - The TV Shield E-Series can be painted. We suggest outdoor-rated paint if in direct sun or exposed to the elements, for example, Rust-Oleum 271920 Acrylic Enamel 2X Spray Paint is a recommendation. ASA polymer can be painted with acrylic and enamel-based paints. Removing layer lines and model cleanup are recommended before painting.
Surface Finish: Fine Texture Matte Finish
Color: Fine Texture Black
Dimensions: MAX INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 39.1” W x 23.1” H x 4.25” D
EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 44.9” W x 27.5” H x 8.07” D
Fit Screen Size: 36"-43"
Internal Mounting Hole Pattern : VESA Only
Internal Mount VESA Compatible: 100x100, 200x200, 300x200, 300x300,400x300,400x400
Max. Mounting Hole: 400x400
Weight Capacity: 35kg (77lbs)
Strength Tested: 3 Times Approved
Mount Extension: 54~467mm (2.1"~18.4")
Tilt Range: +10°~-20°
Swivel Range: +90°~-90°
Screen Level: +3°~-3°
Screen Freely Tilting: Yes
Installation: Solid Wall, Single Stud
Panel Type: Detachable Panel
Wall Plate Type: Fixed Wall Plate
Direction Indicator: Yes
Cable Management: Yes
Anti-theft: Yes
Accessory Kit Package: Normal/Ziplock Polybag,Compartment Polybag



 Protects Against 

This Weatherproof TV Enclosure Protects Displays, Monitors, and TVs from Everything in Any Environment:

  • Water (Rain, pool splashes, sprinklers)

  • Moisture (Condensation, dew, steam, humidity, dampness)

  • Dust (Grime build-up)

  • Tampering (Burglary, theft, vandalism, attempted destruction of product)

  • High impact (Storms, branches, baseballs, flying objects)

  • Extreme temperatures (Hot and cold)

  • Sun 


 Protects Notes 

Other Things You Should Know:

  • These enclosures easily flush mounts to the wall, so there is no need for an additional external mount

  • This protective TV case is not designed to be water-submerged ​​​​​

  • Thermostatic heaters are available upon request (turns on at 41° F and turns off at 47°)

* Protective Enclosures Company, LLC will not be held responsible for orders placed for TVs or displays over the listed specifications, and although we will accept a return, there will be a 10% restocking fee assessed, as well as the customer will be responsible for actual shipping and return shipping of the unit. If you plan to use an enclosure outside of the recommended and listed specifications, please make sure it will work for you before you order. By purchasing, you acknowledge that you have read and accept these terms and will hold harmless, PEC and all subsidiaries, business partners, and officers.