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Comparing Outdoor TV Cabinets vs. Outdoor TVs: The Verdict Seems Clear!


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Why Outdoor TV Cabinets are Better than Outdoor TVs

Creating a relaxing outdoor living space at home with features like outdoor TVs, pools, hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, lounges, and more is becoming extremely popular. Bringing the indoors out and getting a weatherproof TV allows anyone to enjoy the outdoors all year round. Of course, electronics and outdoor elements don’t mix. The main two options for solving this problem if you want to watch TV outside are choosing an outdoor TV or an outdoor TV cabinet. The first is an all-in-one weather resistant TV that can be installed outside. The second, outdoor TV cabinets, allow you to watch, protect and secure any TV (regular off the shelf non-weatherproof TV) in any environment at a fraction of the cost.

Threats and Concerns for Putting TVs Outside

It doesn’t matter where you’re located, you have a weather problem when it comes to having a TV outside. In addition, there are several other TV predators lurking in the outdoors such as pests, people, or even potentially saltwater air that could cause corrosion. Since decent TVs aren’t cheap, you really don’t want to be mixing a regular TV and accompanying media boxes or Roku sticks with these outdoor threats. Otherwise, you’ll be replacing that TV annually if not faster. Below is a list of outdoor threats to consider.

  • Weather and extreme temperatures (hot and cold)
  • Water (rain, pool splashes, sprinklers, wash downs)
  • Moisture (condensation, dew, steam, humidity, dampness)
  • Saltwater air and corrosion
  • Dust (grime build up)
  • Security and tampering (burglary, theft, vandalism, attempted destruction of product)
  • Pests (Bugs, insects)
  • High impact (storms, branches, baseballs, flying objects)

Outdoor TV Cabinet and Outdoor TV Solutions

To solve these concerns, outdoor TVs and outdoor TV cabinets have different solutions.

Outdoor TVs –

Due to the nature of and design of outdoor TVs, they are able to address some but not all of the concerns for putting a TV outside. An outdoor TV is typically a basic bare-bones TV (without bells and whistles) in an integral casing to ensure it is waterproof. Essentially this means consumers end up usually investing in expensive low-tech TVs and miss out on the newest features. They usually allow for insulation against the cold and allow airflow to reduce humidity. Unfortunately, the quality of the TV and the picture is often compromised. In addition, if things go wrong which they might especially since these TVs are outdoors - it’s very hard to fix electronics which are inside an integral casing and still ensure it is waterproof.

Outdoor TVs do tend to stand up well against theft since they can be difficult to remove from the wall. However, they typically won’t fare so well against high impact such as pool toys soaring through the air, baseballs, flying objects during storms, vandalism and the like because the TV screen is breakable glass and not protected behind an enclosure.

Another important consideration is that outdoor TVs do tend to cost considerably more for less features and benefits. Weatherproof TVs come with an eye-watering price tag for TVs that don’t offer full impact resistance.

Outdoor TV Cabinets –

The best outdoor TV cabinets on the other hand, address all outdoor TV threats by creating a fit-for-purpose enclosure. These cabinets are weatherproof and durable. They prevent water entry, ensure airflow to reduce moisture intrusion and insulate against extreme temperatures. You can put any TV you like in it or even add and protect additional media players like Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire Sticks (which outdoor TVs cannot protect). The materials used to produce quality outdoor TV cabinets such as The TV Shield offer 20+ year durability. They are designed to be opened and closed. This means you can access the TV or media players inside with ease.

The TV Shield PRO:

The best engineered outdoor TV cabinets are shatterproof - making them tough against flying objects and wildlife. They have two metal-chambered and keyed locks to stop a would-be thief. And, when it comes to watching the TV, you can watch it with the clear front panel closed or prop the screen’s front panel up, if you want.

Be aware that not all outdoor TV enclosures are created equal. Some aren’t constructed using as durable of materials as others or don’t offer the same features that make enclosures like the extremely affordable The TV Shield and top-of-the-line The TV Shield PRO so popular. For example, other models may not offer clear front screens for protection even when viewing. They may offer non-clear covers that must be removed to use the TV, which leaves the TV vulnerable say to kids throwing around a ball in the yard or other threats.

So, what’s your verdict? An outdoor TV cabinet seems like the clear winner.

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