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Protective Enclosures Company (PEC) is an A+ BBB rated, privately held, US-based manufacturer of affordable, lightweight, weatherproof, and secure protective enclosures for TVs and digital displays/signage. Manufacturer of the patented The TV Shield ®, The Display Shield ®, The TV Shield PRO ®, The TV Shield PRO Portrait ®, The TV Shield PRO Lite ®, and The TV Shield E-Series branded TV and display enclosures, PEC’s products are popular with residential, professional, and commercial customers. 

PEC stands committed to providing the most user friendly, affordable, versatile, and highly engineered protective enclosures in the industry. PEC is fueled by a desire to create US-based jobs and manufacture the highest quality products. The TV Shield ® and The Display Shield ® enclosures are built with top quality materials and MADE IN THE USA in a state of the art manufacturing facility in Zebulon, NC. The TV Shield PRO ® lines are produced by King Precision Solutions manufacturing facility located in Erie, PA.

From top to bottom, the PEC team is committed to the research and development of solutions-based products to protect equipment in outdoor residential installations and harsh or extreme indoor and outdoor commercial environments. Professional AV installers trust PEC’s proprietary patented enclosures for installation in residential applications as well as arenas, stadiums, theme parks, restaurants, bars, airports, healthcare facilities, hotels, schools, training facilities, government buildings, retail environments, institutions, and a wide variety of additional locations. PEC’s enclosures protect TVs, digital displays, and digital signage in over 43,000 locations in 55 countries!



The TV Shield

The TV Shield® is a weatherproof and secure enclosure designed for use with just about any standard TV and with the residential consumer market in mind. Ideal for both outdoor and indoor areas, The TV Shield's lightweight universal design easily opens for a direct view of the TV, allowing you to watch, protect, and secure most TVs in nearly any environment. Our enclosures protect TVs in over 43,000 residential and commercial locations and environments and 55 countries worldwide.

The Display Shield Outdoor Signage Solution Picture


The Display Shield® is a weatherproof tamper-resistant enclosure, designed with a security screw system which provides added protection for flat panel displays and digital signage in high-traffic commercial environments. The Display Shield® also offers protection against rain, theft, tampering and vandalism. Developed for the commercial market, The Display Shield® is lightweight and comes in both vertical and horizontal models.

 The Display Shield Outdoor Signage Solution Picture

The TV Shield PRO weatherproof lcd digital signage enclosure

The TV Shield PRO is a weatherproof and secure lightweight enclosure made with a combination of aluminum and metal which is designed for use with any standard TV or digital display and is ideal for residential, commercial and professional markets. Developed for outdoor areas, The TV Shield PRO's unique design is much simpler to install than other heavy metal enclosures and opens with gas shocks for easy access to the display. The enclosure is available with acrylic or non-glare acrylic protective shields and features larger size options.

 The TV Shield PRO weatherproof TV case

The TV Shield PRO Portrait weatherproof lcd digital signage enclosure

The TV Shield PRO Portrait is a weatherproof, secure and robust protective outdoor display enclosure that is made in the USA and built completely from triple coated steel for ultimate strength and durability. Designed for use with any standard indoor TV or digital display, it is ideal for commercial and professional markets where a monitor is needed in a vertical orientation. Size ranges are 40-65".

 The TV Shield PRO Portrait weatherproof TV case