Outdoor TV Cabinet

The TV Shield®
Residential Outdoor TV Enclosure

Outdoor TV enclosure by a pool

The TV Shield PROTM
Residential or Commercial Outdoor TV Enclosure

The E-series Outdoor enclosure is an affordable cover for restaurants

The TV Shield E-SeriesTM
Residential or Commercial Outdoor TV Cover

The TV Shield PRO Lite Indoor TV Enclosure Protection for Businesses

The TV Shield PRO LiteTM
Commercial Indoor TV Enclosure

Anti-Ligature TV Enclosure - Popular for hospitals, jails, correctional facilities, and more

The TV Shield PRO LiteTM Anti-Ligature Enclosure
Commercial Indoor Anti-Ligature TV Enclosure

The TV Shield PRO Portrait Outdoor TV Enclosure for Vertical Digital Signage

The TV Shield PRO PortraitTM
Commercial Outdoor TV Enclosure

The Display Shield TV Protection in manufacturing facilities

The Display Shield®
Commercial Indoor & Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosure

Our trusted outdoor TV enclosures are currently used in over 43,000 locations in 55 countries!

The Ultimate Indoor & Outdoor TV/Display Enclosures


PEC’s outdoor TV enclosures offer low cost, install friendly designs, durability, water-resistance, and security for TVs around the globe.

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The TV Shield

The TV Shield is a patented, universal, weatherproof, and secure TV enclosure designed for use with just about any standard Plasma, LCD, or LED flat screen television, invented with the residential consumer market in mind. Ideal for both outdoor TV protection and indoor digital signage defense, The TV Shield’s front panel easily props open for an optional direct view of your TV, allowing you to watch, protect, and secure most TVs in nearly any environment. The TV Shield is the leading affordable alternative to an expensive outdoor TV (that doesn't provide impact/theft/vandalism resistance), and the industry leader in indoor, and weatherproof outdoor TV cabinet solutions. The unit is manufactured in the USA using a HMWPE (High Molecular-Weight Polyethylene) plastic case which is an outdoor plastic proven to last 20 years or more (used in outdoor children’s slides and body armor). The unit also features a guaranteed not to crack, thick, shatterproof front shield built with ultra-clear grade Lexan® polycarbonate (the same material used in bullet proof glass, racecar, and spacecraft windshields), which was exhaustively researched and ultimately chosen as it is not shatter-resistant, but shatterproof, unlike the cheaper safety glass used in other protective TV cabinet options. The TV Shield affordable weatherproof outdoor TV enclosure is the leading outdoor & indoor TV enclosure for any 19 to 65 inch flat screen television (US Patent 9235232).

Residential Outdoor TV Enclosure

Starting at $399.99
Sizes: 19-65"

HMWPE Plastic (US Patent 9235232)
Anti-Glare (Available)
Key Lock(s) System
Affordable (Outdoor TV Alternative)

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Professional Outdoor TV Enclosure


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Outdoor TV Enclosure The TV Shield PRO

The TV Shield PROTM is a weatherproof, secure, and robust protective outdoor TV enclosure and digital signage cabinet that was researched, designed, engineered, and is manufactured in the USA. The "hybrid" design is built with a combination of lightweight aluminum and steel which is powder-coated for the ultimate strength and durability in environmental TV protection. Designed for use with any standard indoor TV or digital display, it is ideal for residential, commercial, and professional markets, and has numerous proprietary features based on extensive customer feedback. Developed for outdoor areas, The TV Shield PRO's proprietary "Quick Install" system is faster to install and maintain than any other metal TV enclosure and effortlessly opens with gas shocks for easy access to the display. The included internal full motion, fully articulating mount with depth and height adjustment allows for perfect placement of the screen as well as easy access to the back of the display and inputs after it is mounted (unlike most alternative outdoor TV cabinets), and is specifically engineered to be a superior solution for our worldwide customer base. In addition, The TV Shield PRO outdoor LED TV enclosure can be used with any external standard VESA mount. The entire unit is secured with dual high strength chambered key locks and comes standard with a thermostatically controlled and filtered air circulation system. The TV Shield PRO professional-grade weatherproof digital display and outdoor LED TV enclosure, comes standard with an anti-glare polycarbonate protective front shield and has larger size options up to an industry-first 85 inches.

The TV Shield E-Series™ is a cost efficient yet robust alternative to an expensive outdoor TV and offers much higher protection than purchasing an outdoor TV cover made from fabric. This affordable, sturdy, and versatile outdoor electronics cabinet and protective enclosure provides effective rain, wind, UV, and vandal resistance, preventing TV damage and protecting any other hardware or contents it houses.

Residential Outdoor TV Cover

Starting at $249.00
Sizes: 36-65"

ABS & ASA Plastic
Weather Protection
Damage Protection
Theft Protection

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Enclosure Comparison Guide

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Outdoor TV enclosure features chart

Compare Enclosure Diagrams & Build

The TV Shield

* Various sizes may have slightly different ribbing

The TV Shield PRO

The TV Shield E-Series

The TV Shield E-Series Outdoor TV Cover Enclosure Diagram, Features, and Components
The TV Shield E-Series Outdoor TV Cover Front and Side View
The TV Shield E-Series back of enclosure image

Compare Anti-Glare vs Clear Front Panels

Our enclosures come with a clear front panel that works wonderfully for many applications that don't have too much direct sunlight hitting the front screen.

For locations with a lot of light, PEC has chosen the best anti-glare polycarbonate possible that has just enough matte to disburse reflection from the front shield but not so much to take away from the picture of your TV or Digital Display. Our anti-glare front shield also gives the very best in off axis viewing.

Clear Example:

Anti-Glare Example:

Various logos for where the TV Shield products have been seen on TV


Designing Spaces, Spontaneous Construction, & More

The TV Shield® on Spontaneous Construction

The TV Shield® Durability Demonstration Video

The TV Shield® LCD, LED, Outdoor TV Cabinet

The TV Shield® LCD, LED, Outdoor TV Cabinet


✔ Portrait or Landscape Orientations

✔ Touch Screen Options

✔ Anti-Ligature Enclosures

✔ Enclosure Customization Available


PEC’s affordable, durable, secure, patented, outdoor display enclosures and digital signage cabinet offer protection against water (rain, pool splashes, sprinklers, wash downs, and more), condensation, moisture, mildew, heat, cold, dust, grime, bugs, flying objects, tampering and theft. From easy maintenance and input(s) access, to install friendly designs and even vertical display case options, PEC’s commercial and professional weatherproof TV enclosures are the top of the line in outdoor TV, digital signage and display protection, without a top of the line price.

PEC’s enclosures now protect TVs and video displays in over 25,000 residential and commercial locations/environments from the US ARMY Institute for Chemical Research, to mines in Chile and 42+ countries worldwide.


The Display Shield lightweight outdoor TV cabinet

Starting at $399.99
Sizes: 19-65"
HMWPE Plastic (US Patent 9235232)
Portrait or Landscape
Anti-Glare (Available)
Security Screw System
Affordable (Outdoor Digital Signage)

The Display Shield Outdoor TV Enclosure and Wash Down TV Protection


The TV Shield PRO TV protection solution
The TV Shield PRO Outdoor TV Cover




The TV Shield PRO Lite
The TV Shield PRO Lite lightweight TV screen protector


Indoor & Outdoor Touch Screen TV Enclosures (Sizes Up to an Industry-First 85”)
The TV Shield PRO Touch Screen vertical outdoor TV and digital sign enclosure


Anti-ligature TV enclosure for safety - care facility, jail, hospital,

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Our trusted outdoor TV enclosures are currently used in over 43,000 locations in 55 countries!