Find the Right Accessories for Your Enclosure

Highly Recommended Accessories

  • The TV Shield cooling fan

    Fan - The recessed fan cooling system is built to continually filter hot air out of the unit pulling fresh cool air in and creating an air pocket between the screen of the TV and the clear front panel of the unit. A fan cooling package will help protect your TV from overheating with a built-in thermostatic control which turns the fan on at 88 degrees and off at 78 degrees to ensure that your enclosure stays at the proper temperature.

    This accessory is highly recommended for any unit that is placed in direct sun or in hot environments.

  • Dehumidifying moisture control gel case

    Moisture Control - The dehumidifying moisture control gel case prevents condensation from trapped air by absorbing dampness inside the case. It also protects your TV from rust, mildew, and fungus caused by moisture.

    This accessory is highly recommended for any unit placed in any outdoor or high humidity climate.

Recommended Accessories

  • The TV Shield Full Motion Wall MountMount - A wall mount saves space and assures the optimal angle for maximizing your viewing experience. Our mounts are made of sturdy, steel construction, with durable powder-black finishes.

    • Full Motion Wall Mount - The full motion wall mount can both tilt and swivel so that you can point your television in a wide range of directions.

      These mounts are ideal for back patios and larger rooms with multiple viewing areas.

    • Tilt Wall Mount - A tilt wall mount keeps the screen close to the wall for a very discreet installation.

      Tilts are perfect for home theaters and rooms where less flexibility is needed.

  • The TV Shield Security Lock Kit

    Security Lock Kit - Adds additional security and protection for your investment. This lock is especially designed to be a anti-theft solution for The TV Shield® enclosures.

  • The TV Shield Cleaner & Polish Kit

    Cleaner & Polish Kit - The cleaner gently cleans the unit without scratching, leaving a lustrous shine that resists fogging, finger prints, repels dust and eliminates static. The polisher removes any scratches, haziness, and abrasions on the unit from accidents over time.

Optional Accessories

  • A heater with thermostatic control

    Heater - A heater with thermostatic control is the ideal solution for keeping the interior temperature of The TV Shield® between 41° F to 47° F in cold climates.

    This accessory is highly recommended for any unit that is placed in freezing cold environments.

  • The TV Shield Outdoor Speaker Kit

    Outdoor Speaker Kit - Add outdoor speakers to the enclosure for dynamic sports and movie watching experiences outside. You can mount the speakers directly to the enclosure, wall or roof. The amp is small enough to fit into enclosure.

    We include everything you will need to connect the system to your TV and get better audio right away.