How to Protect a TV from Fireplace Heat & Correct Mounting

How to Protect a TV from Fireplace Heat & Correct Mounting

Posted by Protective Enclosures Company on 22nd Apr 2021

Protect TV from Fireplace Heat & Other Heat Sources

Protect TV from Fireplace Heat & Other Heat Sources

Discover Protection Options like an Indoor & Outdoor TV Cabinet

It is important to protect TVs from heat since electronics and heat mix about as well as orange juice and toothpaste. You may be wondering “does heat from a fireplace damage a TV?” Or perhaps you’re asking, “can hot outdoor temperatures damage a TV?” You’re not the only one asking these questions about the impact of hot temperatures on TVs, as you can see in this Houzz thread. The quick answer is yes, heat most certainly can damage TVs. Fortunately, this article offers in-depth coverage on different scenarios and TV heat protector options.

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How Hot Can a TV Get Before Damage?

Typically, many manufacturers say a TV can withstand up to 125°F. But that level of heat can be pushing the limits and can vary depending on factors like humidity as well the specific TV in question, so it is always a good idea to double check the TV’s information and manual or ask the manufacturer. If you’re considering putting a TV in a hot environment, a thermometer test in that area can be a good idea to make sure the TV will be safe. Make sure the environment doesn’t exceed 100°F (HGTV). For true peace of mind, generally it is recommended to use TVs in balanced temperatures. There are great solutions such as indoor and outdoor TV enclosures that provide temperature regulation and ventilation (such as The TV Shield). The TV Shield fans and heaters are thermostatically controlled. Fans turn on at 88 degrees and off at 78 degrees. Heaters turn on at 39° F and turn off at 48° F.

Can You Put a TV in Front of a Fireplace?

How do you care for a fireplace TV? People frequently discuss whether a TV can be placed over a fireplace or ask if TVs can be put near pizza ovens. Here are some factors to consider and potential solutions to protect a TV from fireplace heat if you want to place a TV over or near a fireplace. Each installation and TV could be unique, so the following factors depend on the individual situation.

Protect TV from Fireplace Heat –

  • It is good if the television is placed over a mantel, because the mantel will likely deflect heat, reducing the chances of damage to the TV
  • Take into consideration the temperature tolerance for that individual TV - if the fireplace heat does damage the TV it usually voids the manufacturer warranty
  • Make sure the TV is high enough and a safe distance from the fireplace (keep in mind if the TV is on a full motion mount and being pulled and left out from the wall often when heat is present, that can increase heat damage risk)
  • Consider recessing the TV or using an indoor and outdoor TV cabinet that provides protection and ventilation (such as The TV Shield)

Protect TV from Fireplace Heat

Protect TV from Fireplace Heat Outside –

This scenario is somewhat like protecting a TV inside from a fireplace. Whether inside or outside, be mindful the TV is a safe distance from the fireplace. A buffer like a mantel or TV cabinet is important. Of course, outdoor adds elements such as water, bugs, and more. So in this situation, it is definitely wise to consider an outdoor TV cabinet (such as The TV Shield or The TV Shield PRO ). There is more information about these weatherproof TV cabinets further down in this article.

Outdoor living space with tall fireplace

Does Grill Exhaust or Smoke Damage a TV?

Yes! Both heat and smoke can be damaging to electronics as is explained in the All Dry USA article, “ What Does Smoke Damage Do to Electronics? ” So, make sure to keep your TV spaced far enough away from smokey environments as well as enclose the TV in a TV enclosure that provides protection and ventilation.

Will Bath or Hot Tub Heat and Steam Damage a TV?

Unfortunately, steam (moisture) is a common threat to TVs. Not only can the heat be high enough to damage a TV, but condensation can easily short circuit electronics such as televisions and other devices (Wikipedia). Fortunately, a ventilated TV cabinet is a potential solution for moisture control. Enclosures like The TV Shield provide ventilation or for extremely high moisture environments, moisture control gel cases can be paired with the enclosure for even more peace of mind.

Will Hot Weather Damage a TV?

Can you put at TV outside? Ideally, you don’t place a TV outside without defense because dangers like hot and cold temperatures, water, flying objects, and more could damage the TV. But, with an outdoor TV cabinet, you can easily and effectively put a TV outside, even in high heat.

Protect Outdoor TV from Heat –

Quality outdoor TV enclosures are built to provide ventilation. For extremely hot climates, fans can be added to the TV enclosure for added climate control.

TV by pool

TV in Storage Unit Hot Weather –

Depending on your geographic location and the temperature in the area, some storage units get to be extremely hot and absolutely can damage a TV. It may be good to inquire how high the storage temperatures rise. 90°F may be pushing it, but it is recommended not to put at TV in a location with temperatures above 100°F. Climate control may be a better storage solution for any electronics.

Can You Keep a TV in a Hot Garage?

A garage can get extremely hot in hot climates. 90°F may be pushing it and it is recommended not to put at TV in a location with temperatures above 100°F.

Can You Put a TV in Front of a Heater?

Heat damage is a concern for any electronics, including TVs. So, ideally, either make sure the TV is a safe distance from any heaters or consider ventilating and cooling the TV with a TV enclosure. Even then, enclosures are designed to handle hot environments but necessarily direct concentrated high heat, so you'd still want the enclosure to be a bit distanced from anything like heaters and choose an enclosure with fans to keep the inside of the unit and TV at regulated temperatures.  

How to Protect a TV from Heat

Use an Indoor or Outdoor TV Cabinet –

Whether you need to protect a TV from heat outside on a patio, above a fireplace, or in an enclosed space like a storage, unit, garage, farm, or manufacturing facility, a TV enclosure may be your ideal solution. Indoor and outdoor TV cabinets are manufactured specifically to handle harsh environments including hot and cold climates, water splashes, dust, and more.

Indoor and Outdoor TV Cabinet – TV Heat Protector Options

As a disclaimer, please understand TV enclosures are not designed to be fire resistant by any means. If you have any uncertainty concerning The TV Shield and hot environments, contact us any time to explain your application and we'll be able to advise. Enclosures resist heat better than electronics, offer ventilation to keep the TV in good shape, and provide a good TV shield for heat protection. Indoor and weatherproof outdoor TV enclosures are the most popular solution for TV heat regulation for both residential and commercial environments. Below are a couple links to browse outdoor TV cabinets and accessories.

TV Enclosure Options:

Outdoor TV enclosure TV heat protector The TV Shield

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