Hydrosorbent Silica Gel Case - 40 Gram - Moisture Control

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Moisture Control Gel Case

The Dehumidifying Silica Gel Case by Hydrosorbent Products absorbs dampness inside the case and protects anything that can be damaged from rust, mildew, and fungus caused by moisture. This moisture absorbing pack protects the TV in The TV Shield or The Display Shield, preventing condensation from trapped air when a case is in damp, high humidity climates.

Dehumidifying Silica Gel Case comes as one 40 gram unit per pack which will absorb in and trap moisture in an enclosed space. The gel pack is ideal protecting your TV,or Digital Display. This top grade silica gel is contained within a compact aluminum canister that measures only 4" x 2" x 1/2"; it has a built-in indicator that alerts the user when the pack needs to be reactivated.

The products are simple to use and offer lifetime protection. A colored indicator shows when they need to be reactivated - safely and easily, right in your conventional kitchen oven. There is never any need for refills or replacement parts.

*Protective Enclosures recommends this product in any outdoor or high humidity climate.*