Best Outdoor TV Enclosure Ideas

Best Outdoor TV Enclosure Ideas

Posted by Emilyann Allen on 25th Mar 2021

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Whether you’re here because you’re looking for the best outdoor TV enclosure options or the best outdoor TV enclosure ideas such as accessories and set up, you’ve come to the right place. 

Outdoor TV Enclosure ideas - in outdoor kitchen, by pool, and more

Outdoor TV Enclosure Options

Some of the most popular outdoor TV enclosure options on the market are The TV Shield and The TV Shield PRO which are made of the best materials in the industry at affordable prices. Starting at 3-year warranties and going up from there, the manufacturer of The TV Shield series stands behind the quality of the products. Another option some people like to explore is building a DIY outdoor TV enclosure, but the article How to Build Your Own Cheap Outdoor TV explains some important considerations.

Best Outdoor TV Cabinet Ideas

Popular Outdoor TV Enclosure Ideas for Integrations and Installations

Building Mounted Outdoor TV Enclosure –

outdoor TV enclosure - mounted on outdoor walls at homes

Pergola Mounted –

4 examples of outdoor living spaces with weatherproof TV units

Deck and Patio Awning Outdoor TV Cabinet –

Outdoor TV Enclosure Ideas

Gazebo Mounted Outdoor TV Cabinet –

Gazebo mounted outdoor TV cabinet

Outdoor Kitchen or Bar Integrated Outdoor TV Enclosure –

4 examples of outdoor living spaces with outdoor TV enclosures

Ceiling Mounted Outdoor TV Ideas –

Ceiling mounted outdoor TV enclosure ideas

Recessed Outdoor TV Enclosures –

Recessed outdoor TV enclosures

Fireplace Mounted Outdoor TV Case –

Fireplace outdoor TV case

Poolside Ideas –

Poolside outdoor TV enclosure ideas

Pole Mounted Outdoor TV Enclosure –

Outdoor TV Enclosure mounted on pole - The TV Shield PRO

Top Outdoor TV Enclosure Accessories

Climate Control Solutions

Outdoor TV enclosures like The TV Shield are built to withstand most outdoor environments without accessories. But in extreme hot or cold climates, fans or heaters may be useful. Moisture control gel cases are also helpful in certain extreme humidity environments. So, depending on your climate and application, these may be helpful accessories to consider.

Cleaning and Protection Solutions

It is commonly known that polycarbonate enclosures are shatterproof and offer top outdoor TV screen protection. Polycase explains, “ABS plastic has lower resistance to extreme conditions and industrial chemicals than polycarbonate and much lower than HMWPW. If your enclosure is likely to see exposure to high temperatures, solvents, or other challenging environments, you most likely need a polycarbonate enclosure,” (Polycarbonate Enclosures vs. ABS Enclosures).

With that in mind, you’ll want an outdoor TV enclosure with a polycarbonate front shield. So, be sure to take note of the recommended cleaning products to keep the polycarbonate in top shape.

Outdoor Sound Solutions

Enclosures like The TV Shield and The TV Shield PRO generally don’t need additional speakers. However, if for some reason your application calls for speakers or you want a surround sound effect, you’re in luck because a variety of outdoor speaker options are available, including Bluetooth options and more.

Are Your Outdoor TV Enclosure Ideas Good to Go?

Now that you know the ideal outdoor TV enclosure options, exciting outdoor TV enclosure ideas for installation as well as popular accessories, you’re probably ready to grab an enclosure. Click here to browse outdoor TV enclosures.