Indoor & Outdoor Touch Screen Smart TV Cases and Weatherproof Digital Monitor Enclosures for Retail and Other Industries:

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 PEC’s Weatherproof LCD TV Enclosures and Touch Screen Outdoor Digital Signage Cases Provide Protection Against:

  • Water (wash-downs)
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Moisture and condensation (kit available)
  • Dust, dirt and grime
  • Tampering and theft
  • Pests and rodents
  • Impact (flying objects)

Outdoor digital signage and interactive displays are becoming increasingly popular for retail environments, offices, manufacturing plants, news stations, apartment complexes, theme parks and other various businesses.

Specifically, millions of shoppers pass through malls, shopping centers, and even small family owned businesses every day. One of the biggest advertising challenges in high population areas is engaging customers with products and closing sales in a safe and economic way. As interactive digital signage solutions become more popular because they allow customers to stop and watch videos, select different product views or look at rewards programs on screens, businesses are at risk of losing more and more money when these displays get damaged or stolen. PEC’s digital signage protection solutions can be paired with any standard commercial digital monitor and are built to withstand high impact in the event of vandalism. An affordable lock kit can also be purchased with these enclosures to help prevent theft. Even certain graffiti such as spray paint can be washed off of the screen with special removal spray.

Whatever the retail environment threat, PEC likely has a solution, even outdoors. From water protection, moisture defense, bug defense and impact-resistance to theft control and more, PEC’s many protection solutions are saving businesses thousands of dollars in damage prevention. Retailers, like Rooms to Go and Under Armor, trust Protective Enclosures Company to protect their TV and digital display investments.

If you have a need for a protected indoor or outdoor TV or digital display, we are here for you.


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