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 The TV Shield Outdoor TV Enclosure/Cabinet in a factory

The Display Shield is designed to offer protection equal to IP-55 and NEMA-4X levels!

 Digital Monitors:

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PEC’s LCD TV Enclosures and Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosures Provide Protection Against:

  • Water (wash-downs)
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Moisture and condensation (kit available)
  • Dust, dirt and grime
  • Tampering and theft
  • Pests and rodents
  • Impact (flying objects)

Outdoor TV and Weatherproof Digital Signage Solutions for Manufacturing Facilities:


Factories are large buildings that sometimes have hundreds of workers. One challenge in a production plant is communication. Managers need to be able to communicate factory wide messages and updates. If it weren’t for how easily these electronic message signs are damaged by dust and water in factories, digital signs and TVs would be ideal solutions. How does one place a TV in a work environment where dust and debris can easily work their way in and fry the hardware? The solution is an indoor and outdoor TV enclosure, like The TV Shield or The Display Shield. Mills and factory yards usually must be kept superbly clean, and yet in many cases manufacturing processes create debris. PEC’s TV enclosures not only protect TVs from dust, but these display cases can also be washed down and kept clean, which is a need for many sterile manufacturing facilities.



Top 3 Reasons Factories Need TV Cases:

TVs are Traditionally Easily Broken:

Why spend money on a TV that is easily damaged? Accident’s that involve flying objects aren’t uncommon in some factories. This is why many manufacturing facilities and factories need durable TV enclosures like The TV Shield or The Display Shield.

TV Ventilation can be a Problem:

In some mills and factories, dust and debris are easily produced during the building or manufacturing process. Designed with PEC’s ExactSeal sealing system, The Display Shield (used without a fan in this scenario) is sealed shut to enable smooth ventilation. In addition, the TV cabinet features filtered vents that allow for some air circulation, but help block debris from entering the unit.  

TVs can’t be Sprayed during Factory Cleaning:

In the past, manufacturers could not place TVs in factory buildings because the TVs couldn’t withstand standard cleaning wash-downs. However, manufacturers from the food industry all the way to yacht manufacturers are now using The TV Shield or The Display Shield to protect their TVs from water damage.





Schwans, Perdue Foods, Tyson, General Motors and Sunrise Yachts are just a few manufacturers who have used PEC’s durable LED TV enclosures in order to place TVs in factories.



PEC’s Manufacturing Clients:


261px-general-motors-logo.svg.png Choctaw Defense using durable tv enclosures/cabinets from The TV Shield water resistant led tv case used in Schwan food company factory Sunrise Yachts using The TV Shield Tyson food processing plant uses water-resistant tv cabinets for their manufacturing facility Frito Lay Choose The TV Shield


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