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 PEC Provides Protection Against:

  • Water
  • Moisture (kit available)
  • Dust and grime
  • Tampering and burglary
  • Pests
  • Impact (flying objects)
  • Hot and cold temperatures

Read About PEC’s The Display Shield at Trump International Beach Resort

 The Display Shield signage enclosure at Trump International Beach Resort

Outdoor TV Enclosures and Weatherproof Digital Signage Cases in the Hospitality Industry:


Why are more and more of the most loved resorts and hotels from Marriott, Bluegreen Vacations and Sheraton to Trump International Beach Resort choosing PEC’s outdoor TV enclosure solutions and weatherproof digital signage options?


For Outdoor Entertainment and Communication:

Many tourist centers, hotels, resorts and spas would like to provide outdoor TVs for guests to enjoy, but rain, storms, heat, cold, moisture, pests and other obstacles stand in the way. In the same way, many hotels, motels and other lodging establishments worry about heat or steam damaging hotel TVs placed near hot tubs, or pool splashes frying TVs by pools and tiki bars. This is why Protective Enclosures Company has designed Weatherproof TV boxes and outdoor digital display enclosures for that offer extensive protection against water and bug entry (with a unique ExactSeal sealing system), vents for necessary airflow, temperature regulation options such as thermostatic fans and heaters, moisture control solutions, and more. All of these components significantly improve the life of a TV and save dollars by reducing TV replacement expenses. This enables hospitality chains to offer an enhanced guest experience.

Guests are just as grateful for helpful information as they are outdoor entertainment, which explains the growing popularity of indoor and outdoor digital screens that provide customized local information and tips for visitors. The experts in outdoor TV and weatherproof digital signage solutions, PEC strives to provide reliable solutions for each unique TV and outdoor digital display need. PEC’s TV and digital monitor protection solutions are ideal for meeting rooms, lobbies and public areas. Outdoor TV cabinet that provide weatherproof protection from weather damage.


For Beachside TV and Display Solutions:

Often beach-front establishments, including hotels, replace TVs located outside numerous times a year because of damage from the elements and salty air. PEC offers products made out of long-lasting HMWPE outdoor plastic, which is not damaged by salt, offering increased corrosion prevention. Outdoor TV case that provide weatherproof protection from environmental damage and provides security.


For High Traffic TV Environments:

According to the 2014 Lodging Industry Profile prepared by the American Hotel & Lodging Association, there are 52,887 lodging properties (with 15 or more rooms) in the United States and the average national occupancy is 62.2%. That’s a lot of people, which means a significant amount of traffic moving through lobbies and shared public spaces. Several businesses have chosen to use PEC’s protective TV cabinets and digital monitor cases indoors and outdoors for defense against theft, tampering, and other forms of vandalism. For improved TV security and durability, PEC’s TV and display enclosures feature ultra-clear Lexan® covers (shields) which are manufactured using ¼” thick shatter-resistant polycarbonate, the same material used to produce bulletproof glass. Lock kits are also available for an additional anti-theft solution. The TV Shield allows you to have a TV outside that is protected from the weather, damage and not a security risk, at a feasible price point that is lower than all in one outdoor TVs.



Some of PEC’s Hospitality Clients:

marriott-hotels-logo14.svg.png hotel signage used at Sheraton outdoor hotel tv at blue green resort outdoor led tv enclosure at Trump International Beach Resort  rain resistant tv cabinet at port royal resort


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