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 The TV Shield outdoor tv enclosure restaurants

 The TV Shield weatherproof tv case at Duffys in Orlando Florida

PEC’s TV and Display Enclosures Provide Protection Against:

  • Water (Rain, pool splashes, wash downs)
  • Cold and hot weather
  • Moisture and Condensation (kit available)
  • Dirt and grime
  • Tampering and burglary
  • Pests like bugs and birds
  • Impact (flying objects)

PEC’s Weatherproof LED TV Enclosures and Outdoor Electronic Message Board Enclosures in the Food Industry:

Restaurant Signage:

Gone are the days of messy chalkboard menus, letterboards, acrylic menu panels and light boxes. Commercial digital signs are simplifying restaurant menu display and advertising for companies across the country. Outdoor digital signage enclosures paired with digital monitors are becoming the menu board of choice since these signage options have text, photo and video display capabilities as well as audio. Many digital displays even have easy to use scheduling features across multiple displays.

In the past, these ideal restaurant display boards have only been usable indoors, and even indoors have been easy to damage with heat, flying objects and vandalism. However, paired with any standard TV or digital monitor, PEC’s protective outdoor TV enclosures and weatherproof digital display cases offer secure, tamperproof, water-resistant, durable digital menu board solutions. From mom and pop eateries, to food trucks and well known chains such as TGI Fridays, Bahama Breeze, PF Changs and more, PEC’s The TV Shield Outdoor LED TV enclosure and The Display Shield outdoor electronic message board cabinet are ideal for restaurant applications.  

Bar TVs and Signs:

Bars are magnates for entertainment hungry guests but they’re also a hub for excitement, which means things can get a little out of hand. This is why many sports bars and grills are choosing PEC’s indoor and outdoor TV protection solutions. When flying beer bottles are a regular occurrence, The TV Shield and The Display Shield come in handy for protecting TV and display investments. Not to mention, many restaurants, bars and pubs are located on the beach and deal with salt-water corrosion when trying to place TV outside. The Display Shield is made out of long-lasting HMWPE outdoor plastic that is not damaged by salt, offering increased corrosion prevention and saving restaurant and bar owners on TV replacement costs.

Protective Digital Display Enclosures for Food Manufacturers:

Schwans, Perdue Foods and Tyson are just a few food manufacturers who have used PEC’s durable LED TV enclosures in order to place TVs in factories. How does one place a TV in a work environment where dust and debris can easily work their way in and fry the unit? The solution is an indoor and outdoor TV enclosure, like The TV Shield. Mills and factory yards usually must be kept superbly clean, and yet in many cases manufacturing processes create debris. The TV Shield not only protects TVs from dust, but the enclosure can also be washed down and kept clean, which is a need for many sterile manufacturing facilities.


Some of PEC’s Food Industry Clients:

outdoor led tv enclosure used by TGI Fridays rain resistant tv cabinet for patio used by Bahama Breeze restaurant weatherproof digital signage used in drink manufacturing industry by Pepsi Tysoon foods uses affordable The Display Shield digital display enclosure in factory outdoor digital signage used at PF Changs
irish-bred-pub-and-grill.png Harry Bufallo restaurant uses The TV Shield weatherproof tv cabinet salty-iguana.png whole-foods-market-logo.svg.png iron-cactus-corp-bee-cave.jpg
Houlihan's uses affordable tv enclosure The TV Shield  The TV Shield outdoor digital monitor case popular for pubs like Tiny's Tavern and Duffys schwan food company using PEC's outdoor display enclosures durable tv case used by Land O Lakes in manufacturing facility Protective TV enclosures used at Ghirardelli manufacturing plant

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