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Why Weatherproof TV Solutions Score Birdies for Golf Club Outdoor Entertainment, Safety and Signage Solutions


Outdoor TV Cabinet, The TV Shield, Was the Perfect Outdoor TV Solution for Oakfield Golf and Country Club

Did you know that outdoor TV solutions and weatherproof digital sign alternatives are becoming popular everywhere from theme parks to sports arenas and even golf courses?

Outdoor TV Case, The TV Shield, Scores a Double Eagle on the Oakfield Golf Course:

Most Common Outdoor TV Applications for Golf Courses:

1.Outdoor Digital Signage:

Similar to many other entertainment venues, athletic facilities, gyms, and stadiums, golf courses are benefiting tremendously from the use of digital signs to stream news, announcements, schedules, prices and advertising. Not only are golf clubs able to stream content relative to their business and associations, but this also provides an opportunity for added income by selling advertisement space on the digital signage. Given the amount of time golf club visitors spend outdoors, it’s no wonder that more and more golf communities are placing these digital monitors outside with the protection of outdoor LED cabinets like The TV Shield and The Display Shield (which now have amazing Anti-Glare Front Shields).

2.Weatherproof Safety Monitors:

Some golf courses have even needed outdoor video solutions for safety reasons. One such community is the Oakfield Golf and Country Club. The country club’s Greens Committee became aware that there was a potential for golfers to hit into the group in front of them due to site lines on the tenth hole, which would be a safety hazard. After deliberation and consideration of other solutions like sound systems and light signals, the golf club finally determined that the most effective answer would be a camera and video solution. A camera was set up to view down the fairway, the view it captures streaming live on a TV protected by a The TV Shield. Now players have a way to determine for sure when it is safe to hit.

3.Weatherproof TVs for Outdoor Entertainment:

And finally, outdoor TV solutions are a great solution for down time entertainment on the golf course. Whether golfers get to watch games going on around the club, the news or popular TV shows, every community golf club can benefit from the added appeal and entertainment of outdoor TVs.

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