What You Need to Know About a Food Truck Menu Board

21st Dec 2017

Joffrey's Food Truck - Digital Menu Board

Trendy, convenient, delicious Food trucks have taken the industry by storm

The popular food truck industry has grown in strength over the past decade and is quickly becoming one of the best performing segments in the food service sector. The industry’s remarkable rise began around the time the Great Recession hit, as hundreds of new vendors recognized an opening for a new, trendy, mobile restaurant market was in demand.

With industry profit averages hovering around $2 billion for 2017 and a comparatively low initial capital for a startup, food trucks have an advantage. Thousands of new food trucks start up every year in the United States alone!

Sandy's Food Truck - Digital Menu Board

Are you a food truck restaurateur?

With so many new trucks to choose from, you’ve got serious competition. You might have the best food in town, but if customers don’t order it, your food truck is doomed. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your food service menu board is the best it can be. Taking a few simple steps to plan, organize, and design your food truck menu can make a world of difference to your mobile food business’ success.

Make your food truck signage easier to change

Having your menu on a well-protected digital menu board gives you the flexibility to change the information on the fly — if, for an example, a certain item sells out. You can also quickly adapt the menu for different locations — for instance, at a private party where only certain menu items will be offered. A printed sign isn’t nearly as flexible, is comparably expensive, and you’re stuck with it… day in, day out.

Digital menu boards are more exciting

In addition to showing the menu, a digital, monitor or TV based display can be an interactive tool for keeping your diners occupied while they wait. The lines to get to the food window can get long at busy events, and your truck's digital menu display could show an exciting video, or highlight a promotion. With a digital TV or monitor style display, you could even have a touchscreen!

Protect your investment

It makes sense to protect your digital signage and menu boards if it is going to be a driving force of your food truck’s profitability. The TV Shield, with a weatherproof, tamperproof, and optional touchscreen-capable body, is the go-to protective solution for your menu board and digital signage. Take any off-the-shelf TV, display, or monitor and put it inside one of The TV Shield outdoor tv cabinets.

Secure locks, a shatterproof body, and a weatherproof seal will make sure that your signage is protected, and your customers will love the dynamic look and understandability of a digital menu. Bon appétit!