The Top 10 Largest Football Stadiums in America

13th Nov 2014

America’s largest Football Stadiums: 

This Bunch of Big Boys will make your Jaw Drop with their Facilities and their Cost!

Infographic: The Top 10 Largest Football Stadiums in America

We are all big football fans here at The TV Shield and love nothing more than cracking open a beer and watching a game in our back yard. And as it turns out, football loves us too. Our display and TV enclosures have been used in various sports and football stadiums, some of which include Coliseum (home of the Oakland Raiders), Bryant-Denny Stadium (arena used by the University of Alabama), FirstEnergy Stadium (where the Cleveland Browns play), EverBank Field (stadium used by the Jacksonville Jaguars), AT&T Stadium (home to Dallas Cowboys) and more. With our TV enclosures ending up in so many stadiums, PEC came to learn that one of those stadiums, Bryant-Denny Stadium (at the University of Alabama), is actually among the top 10 largest stadiums in America. Curious which sports arenas are the biggest in the country? So were we, so we did an investigation and here is our list of the top 10 biggest football stadiums in the USA, some of which are huge enough to hold the population of a small town.

1) Michigan Stadium:

The Michigan Stadium tops the list at number 1 being the largest stadium in America and the 3 rd largest stadium in the world. It has the nickname of ‘The Big House’ and for a very good reason, this super-size stadium is a monster. The Big House is home to the Michigan Wolverines and is the base of The University of Michigan American football team based in Ann Arbor.

Maximum capacity: 109,901

Built: 1927

Original cost: $950,000 the equivalent of $12.9 million in 2014

Refurbishment cost: $226 million (2010)

The Michigan Stadium Photo

2) Ohio Stadium:

The Ohio Stadium is the 2 nd largest stadium in America. It has the nicknames of ‘The Horseshoe’, ‘The Shoe’ or ‘The House that Harley built’, after Charles William ‘Chic’ Harley, a famous American football hero of the early 21 st Century.

Maximum capacity: 104,944

Built: 1922

Original cost: $1.34million the equivalent of $18.9 million today

The Ohio Stadium Second Biggest USA Stadium

3) The Beaver Stadium:

The Beaver Stadium is home to the Penn State Nittany Lions and is based in University Park, Pennsylvania. The stadium has been expanded a total of 6 times and has so far increased its capacity by 100% since its opening.

Maximum capacity: 106,572

Built: 1960

Original cost: $1.6million the equivalent of $12.8 million in 2014

The Beaver Stadium

4) Kyle Field:

Kyle Field is one of the oldest stadiums in America and has been home to the Texas A&M Aggie Football Team since 1904.Its home is College Station, Texas.

Maximum capacity: 102,512

Built: 1927

Original cost: $345,001.67 equivalent of $4,4 million in 2014

Kyle Field is one of the oldest stadiums in America

5) Neyland Stadium:

Neyland Stadium is the 5th largest capacity stadium in America, based in Knoxville, Tennessee. The stadium was named after Robert Neyland, who was the former coach and player of football.

Maximum capacity: 102,455

Built: 1921

Original cost: $42,000 or $555,000 in 2014

Neyland Stadium is the 5th largest stadium in America

6) Tiger Stadium:

The Tiger Stadium, also known as Death Valley is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is the home to the Louisiana State University Tigers Football Team. It is ranked as the 9 th largest stadium in the world and has been quoted as being the ‘loudest stadium’.

Maximum capacity: 102,321

Built: 1924

Original cost: $1.8 million or $30.9million in 2014

The Tiger Stadium, also known as Death Valley, one of America's biggest stadiums

7) Bryant-Denny Stadium:

The Bryant-Denny stadium has been renovated 3 times and was originally called the Denny Stadium. The pre-fix Bryant was created in 1975 after the former famed Alabama coach Paul ‘bear’ Bryant.

Maximum capacity: 101,821

Built: 1929

Original cost: $196,000 - $2.69million in 2014)

Bryant-Denny stadium at the University of Alabama, houses over 200 The Display Shield weatherproof tv enclosures

8) Darrel K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium:

The Texas Memorial stadium is the 2 nd largest in Texas. The most recent renovation project cost $22million in 2009 and included increasing the size to enable in excess of 100,000 person capacity, making it, at the time the largest stadium in Texas.

Maximum capacity: 100,119

Built: 1924

Original cost: $275,000 ($3.78 million 2014)

Darrel K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium on the list of biggest USA stadiums

9) Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum:

Colloquially known as ‘The Coliseum’, this stadium is based at Exposition Park, in Los Angeles. This stadium is famous for being the first stadium to host the Olympic Games twice, the first being in 1924.

Maximum capacity: 93,607

Built: 1923

Original cost: $954,872 ($13.2 million 2014)

9)	Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

10) Sanford Stadium:

Games played at the Sanford Stadium are said to be played ‘Between the hedges’ after the privet hedges that surrounded the stadium from 1929 to 1996, were removed. It has been renovated twice and benefited from expansion 8 times.

Maximum capacity: 92,746

Built: 1929

Original cost: $360,000 ($4.94 million 2014)

Sanford Stadium, among the largest USA sports arenas

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