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PEC has great news to share! Our Weatherproof TV Enclosure “The Display Shield” has officially passed its demanding drop dust, and water tests!


With high anticipation, we are our excited to share our IP Rating. After conducting the most intense mechanical tests, our IP results are rated at a high score of 55. This means that our weatherproof TV enclosure is officially certified as a case that protects against water and dust! The Display Shield will protect your TV from any dust buildup and any physical contact with dust particles.

Water tests included:

  • Vertically falling drops of water.
  • Falling drops of water with enclosure tilted up to 15 degrees from the vertical.
  • Spraying water at any angle up to 60 degrees from the vertical position
  • Splashing from any direction
  • Water jet protected

We also conducted our own durability test shown in the photo and video below

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