Nine Ways to Reduce Glare on Your Outdoor TV Cabinet

Nine Ways to Reduce Glare on Your Outdoor TV Cabinet

Posted by Kraig Koelsch on 18th Oct 2018

How to Reduce Glare from Your TV or Display

When considering an outdoor TV cabinet, choosing a durable, weatherproof and quality enclosure are very important.  One aspect customers often neglect is sun glare. Even the best set up can sometimes be impacted by glare. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to reduce glare. Here are nine steps you can take to ensure a better viewing experience for everyone.

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1) Fight light with light! The most effective way to reduce or really cut through any glare and reflection is to have a very bright TV or display. Standard TVs have a nit of around 200 to 250 nits which is not very bright. Using a 700+nit display will drastically reduce the amount of glare that is being seen. You can find TVs with high nits by clicking here.

2) If using a lower nit (brightness) TV, make sure to turn up the brightness and or backlight, adjust the contrast, color intensity and other settings to provide a better picture in an outdoor environment.

The TV Shield

3) Using an anti-glare front panel in most situations will definitely help reduce glare but not always. Although the anti-glare front panel does dissipate light which will then greatly diminish the reflection you would typically see on a clear front panel, it can also create a washed out look if not positioned correctly or mounted in the right location. In some instances, it may be better to use a clear front panel. ex. If you are getting direct sunlight on the screen but you have a dark wall in front of the enclosure, it would be better to use a clear front panel. If an anti-glare front panel was used, it would create a washed out look due to the refraction of sunlight hitting the front. Finally, if you are experiencing a lot of direct sunlight but your TV and enclosure are facing an open bright area then a clear front panel would look like a mirror.

4) Use a tilt or a tilt and swivel mount which gives you the ability to adjust the TV to angles that will reduce the glare.

5) Having a darker backdrop scenario in front of the enclosure will help with glare and reflection. So, If you are able to mount the unit where there is a darker colored wall, bushes, or any other dark colored structure in the front area, it will help with elimination of a large amount of glare you may otherwise typically see.

6) Do not place the TV and enclosure in a location where there is a lot of open bright space in front of it. ex. If you place the enclosure on a wall that points directly out into a open parking lot or an open field, that has no tree cover and is very bright, it will create increased reflection and glare.

The TV Shield PRO

7) Mount the unit at lower levels so you’re not seeing the sky reflecting off of the polycarbonate front shield. If you mount a TV in a location where it is well above your direct eyeline, you will most likely see the open sky and sun reflecting off the front panel which will cause reflection and wash out.

8) Place a sunshade over the enclosure if it must be mounted at a higher level to try and block the sky and sun creating the reflection or glare and washout issues.

9) Open the enclosure for a direct view. When in the open position, the front panel does act as a sunshade to an extent. 

Reducing glare on a TV or display is important for an optimal viewing experience, especially in outdoor environments. Some steps to reduce glare include using a TV with high nits, adjusting the brightness and contrast, using an anti-glare front panel, using a tilt or swivel mount, placing the unit in a darker backdrop, and avoiding locations with bright open spaces.


What is the purpose of an outdoor TV cabinet?

An outdoor TV cabinet is designed to protect your TV from outdoor elements such as rain, wind, and sun exposure.

What causes glare on an outdoor TV?

Glare on an outdoor TV can be caused by various factors, including the sun's position, reflections from nearby objects, and the TV's screen brightness.

How can I reduce glare on my outdoor TV cabinet?

There are several ways to reduce glare on your outdoor TV cabinet, including adjusting the TV's positioning, increasing the TVs brightness to negate reflective lights bouncing off the screen, using an anti-glare screen protector, installing an overhang, curtains, or shades, and selecting a TV with a matte screen.

How can I protect my outdoor TV from rain?

To protect your outdoor TV from rain, make sure that your TV cabinet is weatherproof and that it has a secure seal. You can also use a waterproof TV cover or enclosure to protect your TV from rain.

Can I use my indoor TV for my outdoor TV cabinet?

Indoor TVs are not designed for outdoor use and are not weatherproof, so they cannot be placed outside without an outdoor TV cabinet. Using an indoor TV in an outdoor TV enclosure protects the TV from damage.