Is it Worth it to Buy an Outdoor TV?

Is it Worth it to Buy an Outdoor TV?

28th Dec 2022

Is it Worth it to Buy an Outdoor TV?

We want to warn you if you've ever considered taking your living room TV outside that a standard TV is more fragile than you might think and is definitely not made to endure the weather over the long term, even though it won't short circuit the moment you take it outside. The good news is that you can purchase a weatherproof TV or outdoor TV cabinet that is made for outdoor use if you're searching for something more long-lasting. However, outdoor TVs typically cost more than indoor TVs and may not offer the same durability. Do they merit the expense? Let’s find out.

Best Outdoor TV Solution by Pool in Backyard

What's the Difference Between an Outdoor TV and a Regular TV?

Weather resistance is provided by TVs designed for outdoor use. They can survive the sun, humidity, wind, debris, and dust. Bugs, pollen, and other particles that could harm an indoor TV will less likely damage outdoor TVs.

What Does an Outdoor TV Cost?

A reasonable weatherproof television from a well-known brand typically starts at roughly $1,500. That cost is for the lowest quality and size available. Opting for more effective protection, larger sizes, or better features typically increases the cost. 

The lower the cost, the less outdoor longevity and the higher the cost means increased features or possibly higher quality for outdoor environments, but even the best outdoor TVs usually provide warnings that they cannot handle extreme temperatures or certain other common outdoor elements. Outdoor TV enclosures are known as a reliable and long-term outdoor TV solution that can handle extreme temperatures and many potential threats. Below are some important considerations to keep in mind regarding outdoor TVs. 

What are Risks or Problems Associated with Outdoor TVs?
  • Outdoor TVs generally involve routine maintenance or cleaning
  • They are expensive and often don't provide the same level outdoor stamina as some alternatives
  • Outdoor TVs don't house accessories (in contrast to options like outdoor TV enclosures that can also protect a Roku, Apple TV, mini PC, etc.)
  • Outdoor TVs (especially low-budget weatherproof TVs) don’t typically keep up with the latest technology and smart TV features
  • Moving up in screen size or selecting common features may increase the cost 

How to Use an Indoor TV Outside

Even if it is adequately positioned away from direct rain, a standard television set should not be used outside unless it is well protected with some form of enclosure designed specifically for use with outdoor televisions and is meant to last. It is important to keep an eye out for a variety of weather and environmental hazards, such as precipitation and insects.

Why Do People Want to Have a TV Outside?

Outdoor TVs offer excellent entertainment for gatherings with friends and extended family. The outdoors can provide a safer environment without as many concerns about possible disease transmission. Being in nature is calming and healthy for the mind and soul, so creating an outdoor area with a TV gives you the best of both worlds. Living areas that are outdoors are becoming more and more common as people realize the advantages of being outside.

Pros and Cons of an Outdoor TV


  • A bold neighborhood statement
  • Convenient viewing for outdoor guests/BBQs
  • Outdoor sports enjoyment
  • Next-level family movie nights


  • Could be expensive
  • Installation can be complicated
  • It will take up some space
  • Breaking and/or theft
  • Climate control

What to Look For in an Outdoor TV

Consider where the TV will be positioned and whether it can receive the necessary shade from the sun. Recommendations for full sun, moderate sun, partial shade, and complete shade are included with outdoor TVs. The location will also have an impact on how much weatherproofing the TV needs. The TV must be able to function securely within the temperature limits in the location where you reside, which brings us to our final point.

Do You Really Need an Outdoor TV for a Covered Patio?

Even on a covered patio, it is advised to weatherproof your television. The electronics could still be harmed by rain. The TV could become fried if bugs get inside.

Outdoor TVs: Options and Alternatives


Utilizing a waterproof cover is one technique to safeguard a TV outdoors. These covers can help keep bugs off of your devices in addition to keeping out moisture and dust. To keep your devices alive outside, you may need options like temperature control, which these normally do not offer.


Using a projector instead of having an outdoor TV is a great solution to create an entertainment area outdoors. Keep in mind you’d need to figure out weatherproofing for the projector and whatever screen where you would cast the projector image. A projector is generally a temporary solution, so if you’re looking to have something more permanent, it’s likely an outdoor TV or an enclosed TV would work better.

Top-Rated Outdoor TV

Outdoor TVs are theoretically built for outdoor use with protection from the elements. Outdoor TVs can have a nice aesthetic and are known for being pricey. They often offer some level of dust and water resistance. Generally some things to keep in mind with outdoor TVs is they don't offer weatherproofing for additional accessories like an Apple TV or Roku, where as an option like an outdoor TV enclosure does offer protection for added devices. In addition, most outdoor TVs have warnings in the small print that for extreme hot or cold temperatures. It is recommended to take the TV inside rather than leave it in very hot or cold environments in order to avoid damage. If you wish to completely leave the TV outside all the time and avoid needing to install and uninstall based on temperatures or you worry about the screen shattering, outdoor TV cabinets are a good option. As is always the case with outdoor TVs, keep in mind any type of repairs that may come up are typically very expensive.  

Outdoor TV Enclosure

The most accessible version of an outdoor TV alternative would be using a TV enclosure such as The TV Shield. The TV Shield is a patented, all-purpose, weatherproof, and secure TV enclosure created with the residential consumer market in mind. It may be used with virtually any OLED, QLED, or LED flat screen television. The TV Shield's front panel comes in clear or anti-glare so the TV can easily be watched outdoors. 

The front panel is shatterproof offering top-of-the-line outdoor TV screen protection and the front panel can also easily prop open for an optional direct view of your TV, allowing you to watch, defend, and secure most TVs in almost any situation. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor TV or digital signage defense. If the TV you want or the TV you already have fits within the inside dimensions of the enclosure, you are good to go. The TV Shield customers use almost any TV or brand, such as TCL, Sony, Vizio, Hisense, LG, and more .