Detached Patio Checklist: How to Weatherproof Your Outdoor Living Space and Enjoy the Best Patios

Detached Patio Checklist: How to Weatherproof Your Outdoor Living Space and Enjoy the Best Patios

29th Jul 2019

Waterproof Your Detached Outdoor Patio And Living Space

Detached Patio Checklist: How to Weatherproof Your Outdoor Living Space and Enjoy the Best Patios

Your patio may be separated from your main living area, but it’s still an extension of your home. An inviting detached patio can help you get more from every moment you spend at home, from backyard barbecues to warm winter fire pits. But without a little forethought, the weather can quickly turn your outdoor oasis into a tangle of moldy fabrics, rusty furniture, and ruined electronics.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you weatherproof your detached patio so that weather won’t ruin your good time...

Detached Patio Checklist:

Outdoor TV Enclosure

Pairing your detached patio with a TV is a growing trend, but it can be a costly mistake if you don’t properly shield it from the elements. Solutions like The TV Shield and The TV Shield Pro were made for outdoor entertainment, giving you a safe, secure way to weatherproof your television.

When shopping for an outdoor TV enclosure, you should check to make sure it’s both water-resistant and moisture proof so that critical internal elements don’t become damaged. It should also offer screen protection and protect against bugs, debris, saltwater air, and potential impact during storms. Some enclosures will also offer anti-theft features so you can ensure your TV will be right where you left it.

Waterproof Fabrics

If you’ve ever tried to curl up on a soft outdoor cushion only to be immediately soaked from the wet fabric, you already know what a pain poor patio fabrics can be.

When you use traditional fabrics, water and moisture can seep through the fabric and get trapped in the cushion. This is a breeding ground for mold and other contaminants, something you probably don’t want to sit on.

The most practical solution is to use waterproof fabrics for outdoor cushions so that water can be wiped away instead of absorbed.

Coated Furniture

Most outdoor furniture is not particularly weather resistant, but you can improve its resilience with a little coating. For wicker furniture, make sure you paint or varnish it each year to increase its lifespan. If you have metal furniture, you can prevent rust and aging with a powder coating. Spray paint made for outdoor furniture works to an extent, but the finish really doesn’t last long. If you have wood furniture, apply a clear coat of waterproof wood protector or sand, paint, and seal your furniture with products approved for outdoor wood furniture.

Regardless of the type of furniture you have, you need to clean it at least monthly to keep it in good condition. Keep it free of dirt and debris, inspect it for damage, and eliminate buildup. You’ll want to use it more often if it’s kept clean.

Washable or Natural Rugs

Many people cover up unsightly concrete with an outdoor rug, but these usually harbor moisture and other debris. Pressure wash the rug each month to get rid of debris. Or, if it’s small enough, toss it in your washing machine for a brighter, cleaner look.

Another alternative is to add a natural moss rug that will enhance the natural elements. These rugs are made of real moss that actually thrive in wet conditions and feel great on your bare feet.

Slip Covers

When you’re not using your furniture or grill, consider using slip covers to prevent dirt and grime from building up. This usually means a little less cleaning and upkeep on your detached patio — just remove the slip covers and shake off the debris.

Deck Sealing

For wood decks, make sure you’ve used a good sealant to prevent moisture from seeping in. Sand the deck down to its bare wood, seal exposed grain with epoxy, then apply a waterproof coating to protect it. Your deck will look like new for longer and even repel dirt and other debris.

Umbrella or Overhead Covering

There are lots of options for overhead coverings for your detached patio. If you have a table, you may want to add a patio umbrella to keep leaves and dirt off the table top. For larger patios, a canvas cover, awning, or other canopy may be more favorable.

You can opt for a waterproof cover here, but keep in mind that it might not be as breathable. Shade sails are fairly popular due to their triangular design and breadth of coverage.

Storage Bench

If you want to take care of your outdoor comforts, consider adding a storage bench that can also double as seating. When you’re enjoying the detached patio, you and your guests can use the bench as a seat or table. And when you’re ready to go inside, you can use the bench to safeguard cushions, lighters, your television remote control, and other items you don’t want to leave out.

From Detached Patio to Outdoor Dreamscape

Creating the perfect outdoor space? The options are limitless! Make it a priority to keep your detached patio looking and functioning like new — you’re more likely to enjoy every moment you spend there.

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