36 Fun Outdoor Activities and Backyard Ideas When You’re Stuck at Home

36 Fun Outdoor Activities and Backyard Ideas When You’re Stuck at Home

Posted by Emilyann Allen on 19th Mar 2020

Getting sunshine and fresh air have long been encouraged by the medical community. “A prescription for better health: go alfresco,” is a great informative Harvard Medical School article about the benefits of sunshine and time spent outdoors, such as vitamin D, faster healing, and more. If you’re looking for fun things to do at home outside and in the backyard, this list is for you. We’ve compiled an extensive list of fun outdoor activities and fun backyard ideas to keep you busy because it’s important to get your time in the sun and fresh air to stay healthy and happy. 

36 Fun Outdoor Activities and Backyard Ideas:

1. Tetherball

2. Soccer

3. Baseball

4. Have a cookout

5. Race toy cars

6. Watch TV outside - The TV Shield is a great solution for this 

The TV Shield Outdoor TV Enclosure

7. Play in the sand - maybe it’s time for a sand pit

8. Build a rock climbing wall

9. Play hide and seek

10. Play tag

11. Play outdoor twister

12. Paint outside

13. Practice yoga

14. Outdoor dance party - play some happy music and dance off your stress

15. Work on the garden

16. Make use of an outdoor play house

17. Enjoy some trampoline fun

18. Install a slide or playground

19. Play in an inflatable pool fountain

20. Play giant Jenga

21. Blow bubbles

22. Shoot some Nerf guns

23. Have a picnic

24. Make a tee pee

25. Play with your pets 

Backyard Water Fight Water Guns

26. Climb some trees

27. Have a water gun and hose fight 

28. Swing on a hammock and relax

29. Create a mini golf course

30. Install a tire swing

31. Paint rocks and decorate the yard

32. Roast some S'mores - table top fire pits are a great resource for this

33. Build a pergola

34. Create a ninja warrior obstacle course

35. Play slip n’ slide

36. Play in the sprinklers

Now that you’ve got a slew of fun ideas… what are you waiting for? Go enjoy some sunshine and have a fun time.