2.5 inch Louvered Vent With Cap, Seal, Bug Screen, Filter - Black

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2.5" 2 PC LOUVERED VENT ASSEMBLY with O-Ring, Bug Screen, 60ppi Filter, UV Protection and Cover

This vent is revolutionary in how it installs and protects. Using our patented design you can directly screw this vent together in any material up to .35" inches thick. Housed within the vent is a bug screen and a 60ppi filter allowing for heat exhaust but not allowing dust and harmful bugs in. Unlike any other vent, it also has a o-ring or seal to completely protect from any water leakage that other vent systems ultimately do not completely protect from. Also included is a protective cap that can be snapped into place over the louvers and can be used in all types of application like wash down, temporary or seasonal to keep hot air contained, stop airflow when needed, protection from chemical transfer between areas and more .