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Dennis is a loving father of 2 little girls and a retired police officer on disability. Dennis was unfortunately hit by a vehicle while on duty, the car didn’t stop for a red light which caused not only a brain injury but also a broken disc in his neck. We received an email from Dennis just asking if we maybe had a used, scratched or returned enclosure he could purchase as he is very limited on funds as you can imagine. He didn’t ask for anything for free or a hand out at all. He explained his situation briefly and the only reason he wanted it was to enjoy TV and movies with his daughters outdoors and to be able to spend time with them. Just like any little girl or boy they love to be outside playing and just doing stuff with dad. Dennis can’t just go outside an play and throw them around. Through multiple emails and getting to know Dennis our entire team was very touched by this story and it made us realize just how precious life, spending time with our children and families, and our health really is. We ultimately just gave Dennis and his girls a new TV and The TV Shield enclosure as a gift, not only for his many years of service protecting families like ours but also to give a deserving family a reason to smile. As you can imagine, they have gone through a lot and if we can help Dennis and his little girls spend more precious time together than the PEC team was going to do it. These are just a few of the nice things and the appreciation Dennis has shown.

“These are my kids. I'm am so thankful no one would help me no one”

“If I'm ever around your way, I would love to meet you and the team because none of this would of happened if it was not for you.”

“Good afternoon Brooke, My TV came in just now I'm so so excited I can't believe either how light the TV is. You guys made something happen that is impossible for us to get because of my disability. I'm so grateful that there are people like you and the company, if I was there I'd give you and Jarad a big hug.”

Although we cannot always help, here at PEC we do hope that people will do more, have more compassion, give when possible and simply remember how precious things can be.

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