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Company Fun Facts: From Paper Airplanes to Weatherproof LED TV Enclosures


Company Fun Facts: From 25 Cent Paper Airplanes to an Industry Leading Weatherproof LED TV and Digital Signage Enclosure Company

In the case of Protective Enclosures Company, greatness had to start somewhere. PEC was founded by the King brothers, because they couldn’t find an affordable and protective option for placing a regular indoor TV outside. In 2009, the brothers started the business venture of their lives. Determined to develop a functional, durable and stylish, yet universal and affordable solution for normal people like themselves (not millionaires or billionaires like you almost had to be to afford outdoor TVs at the time), Jarad and Justin launched Protective Enclosures Company, hired a plastics engineer and worked for over 2 years to develop, engineer, test, and retest PEC’s original product, The TV Shield ® (a weatherproof, sturdy, secure and economical outdoor TV alternative). An A+ BBB rated, US based company and “makers of The TV Shield, The Display Shield, The TV Shield PRO, The TV Shield PRO Lite and the PRO TOUCH” variants, which are used in approx. 10k (it goes up daily) residential and commercial locations in 17+ countries, the PEC solutions have been widely received and critically acclaimed, as evidenced by the hundreds of online articles, numerous print articles in industry magazines (click here for our Press Page) and at this time, 4 national TV shows (Lifetime Network's Hit Show: Designing Spaces, HGTV's Popular Show Spontaneous Construction, John Taffer's Bar Rescue, and Animal Planet's Flipping Ships).

What not everyone knows, is that Justin and Jarad have always been entrepreneurs. Prior to PEC, they founded, built and ran several successful multi-million dollar companies, from a 2 million+ per year medical staffing company, several e-commerce sites, a $7 million+ per year online advertising company, a merchant processing business, a smoothie shop and a tanning franchise (bad mistake, but good learning experience), to another product based company. Several companies and 14 years later (30 if you count the paper airplane business), eventually culminated with Protective Enclosures Company, the industry leader with the largest selection of patented TV and digital signage/digital display protection products and solutions, that have multiple proprietary features and systems. What problem are the King brothers solving next? Coming soon to a store near you, another badly needed, affordable and high quality product/solution to a problem that over 2 million people (and growing daily) are currently experiencing.

In the great country of the United States, Protective Enclosures Company is proof of the success that can come from resilient entrepreneurs who keep trying to solve problems, create solutions and keep working hard. Justin, the Co-Founder and CEO, has stated “success looks like a combination of vision, hard work, dedication, a can do attitude and the perseverance to bring a vision to fruition no matter the challenges or obstacles.” Anytime we hear it can’t be done, we find a way that it can be done, and done well. At Protective Enclosures Company, we always make sure internal team members are not only happy and compensated well, but that they are top tier professionals at their job, who know more than us in their specific role in the company. As Henry Ford said “you don’t have to know everything, just surround yourself with experts who do.” PEC prides itself, incorporates into the company culture, and upholds a policy of giving exemplary customer service, along with selling a quality product, at affordable price points. We continue to refine and improve existing products and develop new products and proprietary features, based on direct industry experience, and customer feedback to provide solutions that better service our worldwide customer base.

PEC’s indoor and outdoor TV/display enclosures now protect TVs, video displays and digital signage in 10,000+ residential and commercial locations in 17+ countries worldwide. Needless to say, Justin and Jarad have come a long way from selling paper airplanes. Justin and Jarad can still recall their very first joint business, the one where they were making and selling paper airplanes. That was just the start of many entrepreneurial quests, such as diving into mud and muck in golf course lakes to retrieve and clean golf balls to resell. They then used the proceeds to purchase and sell sodas at a discount at golf tournaments (from their back yard) and thought of just about any means possible to make some extra dollars as a team. Both Kings have a proven track record of success! Needed, genuine and creative business services, products and solutions have been in their instincts since they were young and now successful business is their specialty.

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