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PEC Launches Exciting Vacation Giveaway with Outdoor TV Cabinet Purchase


Protective Enclosures Company is Now Offering a Spectacular Summer Vacation Giveaway for The TV Shield Weatherproof TV Enclosure Shoppers

ORLANDO, Florida—July 15, 2016— Protective Enclosures Company, the leading American manufacturer of plastic weatherproof TV cabinets and digital display enclosures, today officially announced an exciting vacation giveaway for The TV Shield shoppers as well as free shipping for The TV Shield purchases. Fueled by love for entertainment and outdoor fun, Protective Enclosures Company is encouraging families to “get back outside this summer”. Customers that purchase a The TV Shield enclosure can choose from a three day, two night vacation or a three day, two night cruise to the Bahamas or Ensenada Mexico. Shoppers who purchase The TV Shield affordable outdoor TV enclosure during this giveaway will have some summer fun watching TV on their porch and booking an awesome vacation.

Watching TV together is a bonding experience for many families and entertainment for parties, but in the past it has been a stagnant indoor activity. PEC CEO, Justin King, stated “Protective Enclosures Company hopes to encourage families to take TV watching outdoors during a fun day swimming in the pool or having a barbeque. We’re so passionate about getting families outside to have a good time that we’re even offering an exciting vacation giveaway with the purchase of a The TV Shield weatherproof LED TV cabinet. If that’s not a recipe for summer fun, what is?”

These weatherproof TV boxes are known for ultimate durability, water-resistance and screen protection. The TV Shield protects TVs from extreme temperatures, rain, pool splashes, bugs, dust, tampering, theft and more. The TV Shield’s shatter-resistant ultra-clear Lexan ® polycarbonate front panel provides enhanced clarity and optional Anti-Glare Front Panels are also available. Each The TV Shield weatherproof TV enclosure is manufactured in the USA using a HMWPE High Molecular-Weight Polyethylene plastic cabinet. The TV Shield is also actively ventilated, featuring proprietary sealable vents (the first in the industry), located on the upper side corners and can be ordered with a thermostatically controlled 36CFM 115V filtered fan system.

The TV Shield and The Display Shield branded outdoor TV cabinets and weatherproof digital signage solutions can now be found in over six thousand locations and more than fifteen countries worldwide. Having been featured on TV shows like Lifetime Network’s Designing Spaces, HGTV’s Spontaneous Construction and Animal Planet’s Flipping Ships, The TV Shield is the perfect summer purchase, especially during the PEC summer vacation giveaway.

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Emilyann Girdner
Protective Enclosures Company
(407) 982-7330

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* Promotion DISCLAIMER: Subject to terms and conditions listed on vacation invitation

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