Go Wireless for a Great Outdoor TV Viewing Experience

Go Wireless for a Great Outdoor TV Viewing Experience

Posted by Kraig Koelsch on 3rd Jan 2019

In the latest installment of our blog, we'll look at how you can integrate your new The TV Shield, The TV Shield PRO or The Display Shield (and your TV) and save time and money utilizing Wi-Fi. 

Depending on signal strength, it's very easy to take TV outdoors by utilizing built-in Wi-Fi capabilities for Smart TVs (ex. ROKU TV) and over-the top (OTT) devices like Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, etc.

First and foremost, you'll lose the ugly cable wires that could stretch dozens of feet at a time. So immediately, there is no technician needed to do an additional pull of wiring and more importantly, no additional cost for your setup. Cha-ching!

Using a Smart TV or OTT device also gives you the freedom to install your enclosure and TV in almost any location in a residential or commercial environment. Want a TV right next to your hot tub, on a stand, in the middle of your deck? Run power, log in to your favorite streaming services, sit back and relax!

The TV Shield PRO Hot Tub

Getting and maintaining a steady Wi-Fi connection; however, isn’t as easy as it sounds. Be sure you have a strong signal which (generally speaking) should be between 10-25 Mbps (Megabits per second). If you can maintain that level consistently you should have few issues with buffering.

That said, everyone connected to your network will have an impact on each other’s user experience. The FCC’s Household Broadband Guide lays it out clearly and breaks down the speeds needed by number of users/devices. Follow the simple guidelines and everyone should be able to stream, play games and download, all at the same time.

Wi-Fi boosters can often help give you a lift, but they come with a cost.

Fortunately, there are numerous steps you can take that won’t cost you money and may in fact boost your signal. Some examples include turning off unused devices and optimizing your router and its firmware.

Learn more here: Top Ways to Boost Wi-Fi Signals & Improve Performance

Last but very important, be sure to check your speed by running a quick speed test. Keep this link handy for future troubleshooting. Now that you’re connected and ready to enjoy outdoor TV, let’s look at another way to keep the setup free of all the extra wires while also saving some cash.

Many of the large TV providers have apps that are available to use on OTT devices and Smart TVs (the take TV everywhere concept). If you have a cable subscription, you're likely paying for the service anyway, so why not utilize it?

You’ll need to see if there are any specific content restrictions (ex. Special programming, sports, etc.) for streaming and that will vary by provider.
Download the app, authenticate your account and enjoy! You just saved money by eliminating a cable box and you saved space within your enclosure to cleanly install another device or accessory if needed.

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