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20 Amazing Facts About Your Favorite TV Shows


Whether we watch from our living room, a The TV Shield protected TV on our outside patio, our computer or our phone, we all have the TV show that motivates us to stop everything to watch and then to instantly pine as the credits run on the last episode of the season, knowing it will be a few months before it’s possible to become part of the drama again.

Actors and actresses have become so much a part of our lives that we feel we know them personally through the parts they play on screen. Our love of all things TV continues into other parts of our lives; the clothes worn by the characters, their hairstyles, the cars they drive or the desire to live in the same neighborhood – even though sometimes it’s purely fiction. We have produced an infographic showing some incredible and sometimes unbelievable facts from America’s favorite TV shows.

The Top 20 Facts about Your Favorite TV Shows

Favorite TV Show Facts

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